Dyslexia Therapy

Learning to Read, Reading to Learn

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If you are reading this, it is because your child is struggling to read.

- Belinda Henson, M.Ed.

HELLO! My name is Belinda Henson and I am the Head of School for Legacy Classical Christian Academy in Haslet, Texas. And I have been where you are right now. Most likely, there have been tears of frustration and tears of despair. My daughter was diagnosed at age 9 with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. At age 12, she received a diagnosis of ADD. Each day is a struggle and we must overcome some level of disappointment.

My Masters degree is in Reading, so I knew my daughter was dyslexic before I had her evaluated. I felt the evaluation was unnecessary because it wouldn’t change the fact that she would need to continue explicit, systematic instruction in reading. I took her because it would give her extra time and accommodations for her SATs and ACTs. During the post-test interview with the diagnostician, I was presented with two choices: enroll her in public school or drive four-days a week to Dallas for therapy.

The first choice was not an option for our family. I considered the second option; however, it would mean a complete change in our family’s educational dynamic. Not only did I have three other children to think of, I was overseeing the University-model school they were attending. We would have to quit our school and quit my ministry in order to receive the therapy. The second option was seriously considered, and my husband and I worked through a few scenarios of how it could work.

At the same time, one of the other administrator’s child was also struggling with learning to read. He was just one year ahead of my daughter and also recently diagnosed with Cognitive Processing Disorder.We began to pray and discuss about the possibility of bringing in our own dyslexia therapist onto the campus. This January 2019, we will have had our dyslexia program for three years.

Having completed the Take Flight curriculum, both children are successfully learning at grade-level. Actually, both are in advanced math classes for their ages. It is still a struggle for us. Reading is not her favorite activity, and we have more goals and objectives we want to accomplish. Today, she can read her word problems in math. She can answer her science questions. She can read her Bible on her own!

I welcome you to visit us!

The Center for Reading @ Legacy Classical offers three services to our community:

  1. A low-cost one-hour quick assessment & consultation to determine if it would benefit you and your family to pursue the full battery of tests.

  2. A complete dyslexia diagnostic to provide official documentation of a learning disability.

  3. Reading Therapy - both day and afternoon options.



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